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A Brief Introduction to Heze Peony of china

    Peony is a kind of traditional flower of China with a long history of more than one thousand five hundred years and has been cultivated as a famous and precious decorative plant.The blossom is so large, elegant and poised, it has been praised as the king of all flowers and the most beautiful and fragrant flower. People regard it as the symbol of peace, happiness, prosperity and it is deeply loved by the people all over the word.

    Heze Peony has large blossom, bright colour, graceful pattern and heavy fragance and attains superior quality among the varieties of decorative peonies. The diameter of its flower is generally about 20-25cm. Its petals fold together and the folds can be as many as a hundred or even more. Its flower pattern can be devided into nine with the shapes as simple-petal, lotus, chrysanthemum , rose ,sweet-scented osmanthus-holding,golden-ring, crown, silk-ball and pabilion, etc. Its colour can be categorized into nine systems as yellow, white, pink, red , purple, purplish black, green, blue and multi-colour,etc.and in each colour system the shades of flowers also vary from dark to bright. Of the whole, the Black Peony and Green Peony are the rarest. The blooming period of Heze Peony is from Mid-April to the early May. During the full blooming season in each year, there are so many peony flowers evnearly up to a hundred thousand of people coming here for sightseeing, making literay and artistic creations, exchanging scientific experiences and holding trade talks. This place is really a magnificant scene with flowers like an ocean and people like surfs.

    The production of Heze Peony develops very quickly in recent years. Today, the whole city has an area of more than 5,000 mu cultivated with peony and there are over 400 varieties. Heze has become the commodity production base of peony and sightseeing place with largest planting are and the largest numver of peony breed. Ratified by our government , Heze Internation Peony Flower Fair holds from 20th April to 26th april every year.The breeding stocks are transplanted everywhere in the horticulture and forestry departments, factories, mines and enterprises in many provinces and cities throughout China.

    Being regarded as the symbol of propitiousness and richness, the peony is loved by our compatriots in Fujian Guangdong Hongkong Macao and overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia during Spring Festival In each winter Hezepeonies are sent to Guangzhou and about two hundred thousand flowers are produced with the artificial technique making the peony bloom but the supply still falls short of the demand. Every year more than 100,000 -breeding stocks of Heze Peony are sold not onlyto the big and middle cities in China but also to countries and areas far away from China like Japan Korea, the United States, Canada, the Soviet Union, France and the south-east Asian countries, Besides, we have started to expand markets at home and abroad for the supply of the Peony and herbaceous Peony fresh-cut flowers.

    Heze city was called Caozhou in the ancient time. It is situated in the south western part of Shandong probince in China . It belongs to the yellow river's alluvial plain. the terrain is flat and its geologic strata are deep and thick, the soil is rich and fertile. the climate of heze belongs to semi-arid and semi-humid contnental type. the rainfall is moderate, the sunlight is sufficient and the four seasons in heze are distinct.all these antural factors are favourable for the growth of the peony and investment. we warmly welcome those who are interested in this field to cooperate and have discussion with us.